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posted by ajf on 2010-08-20 at 10:08 pm

One of the founders of the Australian Sex Party quotes advice he received from a prescient Don Chipp:

The first thing you've gotta give it a name that no-one forgets. And make sure to stay true to your core issues, which are censorship and personal freedom. In the years ahead, Labor and Liberal will desert that whole area because they're being increasingly infiltrated by church and morals groups and the Greens will probably go the same way as they get bigger and start to take on those kind of trappings. For the next twenty years Australia is going to need a really strong civil liberties party.

At the close of the most disappointing election campaign in my lifetime, I find the policies and priorities of the governing party and the opposition abhorrent and embarrassing. Instead of trying to inform the public and persuasively argue for what they stand for, today these parties are trying to guess what will appeal to the masses. I see no cause for hope that it will be different in the future.

I have given up.

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