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posted by ajf on 2009-11-17 at 10:43 pm

These are all activities that are illegal for individuals in the real world so why ask governments to give people the right to do them virtually?

I don't think that anyone who believes that rights are something we have to "ask governments to give people" understands democratic government, let alone is fit to serve in one. Sadly, these are the words of South Australian attorney-general Michael Atkinson.

I mean, I'm offended by the insulting terms in which he describes people who play games. I'm troubled that he believes that 62% of Australians in these gaming households "say the classification of a game has no influence on their buying decision" somehow proves that games which would receive an adult classification if one existed must be banned (when if anything it proves that Australians have so little confidence in the OFLC that it may as well be abolished). And I'm almost embarrassed for him that he thinks a Leisure Suit Larry game is something serious people should be concerned about.

But all of that is trivial compared to what truly scares me about Atkinson: a man responsible for upholding the law in an Australian state believes that freedom is defined by things he hasn't decided to prosecute anyone for yet.

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