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posted by ajf on 2008-05-23 at 09:27 pm

I'm very happy with my Unicomp USB buckling spring keyboard. While doing some cleaning recently I decided it was time to get rid of its (now almost frighteningly dusty and grimy) predecessor, which was the worst keyboard I've ever owned. It was squishy instead of clicky, which was bad enough, and it had bad layout (the type where the Enter key spans two rows, leaving the backslash cramped in against the right Shift).

Occasionally people who can't touch type would have trouble using it because many of the keys were blank, their labels worn away over a couple of years of use (abuse?). What I found more disturbing, though, was...

QW-R ---F ZX-

... not only had the D key (like many of the keys around it) lost its labelling, it somehow ended up dented. I'm sure I don't type that hard...

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