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posted by ajf on 2008-02-08 at 10:51 pm

Amid an utterly pointless discussion of whether or not the term "lock-in" is an appropriate choice to describe the arbitrary limitations Apple's popular products all seem to have, Stuart Langridge wraps the real issues up in a neat little package:

There are plenty of people who hate the iPhone, and Apple, way more than they deserve, but there are equally plenty of people who flat-out refuse to hear a word against the device or anything else that comes out of Cupertino. If you're somewhere in the middle ground on this, like most people are, and you're prepared to put up with the restrictions that Apple put on you to get the good experience they provide, you go for it. If you get fucked, then that's the way it is, but hey: sometimes being fucked is nice. That's why the human race still exists, after all.

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