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posted by ajf on 2007-11-17 at 12:40 am

I believe the first Dilbert I ever saw contained the words "Bob the dinosaur - giving wedgies to people who need it" (my emphasis). In that vein, Shelley Powers writes about the latest topic to shake the very core of the universe — the "abandonment" of email by the hip young social intertubers:

Speaking of email, how absolutely idiotic to pronounce the death of email because today's teens aren't using their email accounts.

Today's teens are also wearing their pants around their ankles–does this mean, then, that civilization will eventually lose its waist?

I never thought I'd ever waste even as little as ninety seconds to mention Robert Scoble here, but he did write a pathetically, unintentionally hilarious comment explaining that the post is actually about him.

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