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posted by ajf on 2003-06-13 at 09:19 pm

All the cool kids are linking to The BileBlog these days. This is why:

All this pales in comparison though to the severe braindamage that some ant users seem to be suffering from. Look over your projects, does the user have to do anything other than type 'ant' to build? he does? BZZZZT, you lose, here's your village idiot hat.

That is just so, so incredibly spot on. I'm sick of stupid batch files that don't work (wow, I was much more eloquent back then). Our bilious friend agrees:

Finally, all you folks using and build.bat files to run ant, please find the nearest firing squad and ask them to put you out of your misery. If you want to use platform specific crap, then you should at least have enough shame to keep that kind of thing limited to your day job, and not proclaim your ineptitude to the potential tens of OSS developers who might find your project worth building.

It's not all rants: he does offer constructive advice too, that it's very helpful to use <available> rather than fail mysteriously when a required tool can't be found.

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